Linh Podetti | Virtual Assistants Recruitment System

The system below outlines the process to streamline the hiring of offshore staff to help you in your business. By following the system you will easily find and shortlist the candidates that are the best fit for your needs, and will also help with onboarding and setting up expectations right from the start.


System Architect: Linh Podetti


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System Details

Step 1: Create a job brief.

  • What tasks are you willing to delegate?
  • What tasks do you need help with in your business?
  • What skillset are you looking for?
    • Soft skills (reliable, hard-working)
    • Technical skills (experience with certain platforms)
    • What are the must-haves and what are the “preferred” skills?
    • Think of the main skills, as long-term you can always up-skill your Virtual Assistant.
      • What time do they need to work? Ad-hoc or at certain hours of the day?


Step 2: Post the job on different platforms.

  • Create a pool of applicants from the usual channels for VA online profile posts (OnlineJobs, Upwork), as well as social media platforms such as:
    • Virtual Assistant Network Philippine
    • Philippine Virtual Assistants Group-Filipino Virtual Assistants Community
    • Online Filipino Worker
    • M2M Jobs
    • Call Center Job Hiring (BPO Jobs and More)
    • Philippine Virtual Assistant Network
    • HR Group Philippines
    • IT Recruitment Hub PH
    • FreeLancers In the Philippines(FLIP)-by Jason Dulay
    • Virtual Assistant PhilippinesDirectories
    • Philippines Job Hiring ®
    • Urgent Job Hiring Agency/Company


Step 3: Review the applications.

  • Based on the different platforms, review applicants’ profiles and reviews from previous hirings.
  • Create a web form with the specific questions that are important for you and you want VA to answer.
    • You can use Wufoo, alternatives are SurveyMonkey and Google Forms.
    • This will help you review the answers in the same format, instead of reviewing the different styles of applications that are submitted.
      • Export all applicants’ answers into a spreadsheet, and filter them based on your top 5 to 6 criteria.
  • Make an initial screening interview with the shortlisted candidates, to ensure experience, skills and home setup test.


Step 4: Panel Interview.  

  • Head Recruiter (or head of your HR) and a member of Management conduct a video interview with shortlisted candidates who passed the initial screening.
    • Ask questions to understand personality and work style, cultural fit, job expectations.
      • Example questions:
        • Why do you want to work for my company?
        • What have you enjoyed most in your previous jobs?
      • Look out for how they are answering the questions to understand their personality.
    • Provide feedback on the application so far.
    • If applicable, assign a test task and provide feedback on the execution.


Step 5: Hire and Day 0 Orientation.

  • Sign an agreement form with the Virtual Assistant you decided to hire.
    • An agreement form is a work contract, it must outline details about the job as well as confidentiality.
  • Orientation Day to set up all the onboarding before the official first day of work.
    • Share what’s the company’s background.
    • How does this job fit into the whole organisation?
    • What is the cultural life in the company?
    • What are the core values that you live by?
    • What are the company’s future goals that you want to share to inspire and motivate the VA?
    • What are your expectations?
      • Example: How much communication you want in the beginning? Do you want a daily report?
    • What are your communication channels?
    • Setup their expectations.
      • Example: How and when are they going to be paid.
  • Provide initial training on how you want the VA to do her job.
    • Even if the VA has the skillset that you want, it is important to outline how you want the job performed, in order to receive the results that you want.