How to handle speaking enquiries

This is a system on how to handle requests or enquiries for Dave to be a speaker.

Triggered by an incoming enquiry notified typically via Slack. Associated Asana task here.

System Details


  • Podcast guest requests (business related) will most likely be automatically approved.
  • If it's an event that Dave has already been invited to in the past, ask Dave directly if he wants to do it again.
  • Any new events, schedule a call with the CEO to check if it's a good fit.
  • If it's a PAID engagement, an agreement must be signed and agreed between Dave & the requester. Use this template for the speaking agreement contract.

Once this form is filled out, the request comes through the paperform and through email notification.

Step 1: Add the request to the tracker and to Asana

Log the request in the tracker.

Go to Asana and duplicate this task.

Add details about the enquiry.


Step 2: Acknowledge receipt of email

A reply acknowledging the receipt of the enquiry should be sent 24-72 hours from submission date. (Use email template "acknowledging request" below)


Step 3: Review if it's a good fit

Review or research company/individual, date and time of event, is travel involved, topic, number of attendees, type of audience.

Setup a call with CEO to ensure if it's a good fit for Dave.

Good fit? YES (request is valid)

Confirm schedule and add to Dave's calendar.

Request presentation template and deadline to submit.

Good fit? NO (request not suitable for Dave)

Send a decline email. (Use email template "Declining the request")


Step 4: After the event

Send "Thank you" email for having Dave on their show and request recording for marketing. 

Send a card through SendOutCards.

Update status in the asana task.

Move to archive.


Part 1 - How to handle speaking enquiry