Daily Facebook Engagement Tasks - Comments, Invites & Review

This system covers a range of daily activities that include identifying and replying to comments, inviting people to join our FB page and accepting membership requests, etc.

Note: An admin access to our FB group and page is required to execute this task. If you do not have the access to it, please coordinate with your team leader or the Marketing Coordinator.

Triggered daily by associated Asana task.

System Details

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook

Log in to Facebook.


Step 2: Go to the Facebook group to accept new members then reply or like new comments if there are any

Open the page that you are managing, the SYSTEMology FB page.

Click on the ellipsis and choose View Member Requests.

Approve all membership requests. 

Then browse through the page to see new comments.

Reply where possible and if there are questions that require more attention, add them to a list to share in the #inquiry-socmed Slack Channel.


Step 3: Go to the Facebook page and check for new messages and comments

Go to your FB Homepage. Choose systemHUB. Check the direct messenger by clicking on Inbox, then reply to new messages.

Next is to click on the Facebook comments tab to see comments from all running ads and all Facebook posts from each ad then reply to all new comments. Regular posts are published by Hootsuite while running ads are published by 3rd party contractors.

Remember: All messages, inquiries or comments should have some form of reply. Here are the call-to-actions depending on the type of message:

  • For simple inquiries, respond by answering their question.
  • For a more complex inquiry that you cannot answer or requires more attention, use Template 1 below to respond to the client then copy the question. Add it to the list to be shared in the #inquiry-socmed Slack Channel wherein the most knowledgeable team member or the Marketing supervisor can further assist. Ensure to reply within 24 - 48 hours.
  • For comments/messages that do not require an answer, reply by giving a like or love emoji to the comment.

Comb through all ads and posts then engage with the commenters by replying to their messages.

Remember:  Proofreading your response is a must in this step to avoid miscommunication. If needed, you may also use grammar checker tools for minimal and simple grammar corrections.


Step 4: Invite new members

Click on each ad and post to see all commenters and all people who liked the ad.

Look for all people who liked our ads then invite them to like our page by clicking on the invite button.


Step 5: Post all inquiries need further assistance in the inquiry-socmed Slack channel

Go to the #inquiry-socmed Slack channel.

Per inquiry, post the screenshot of the message/comment, then provide a quick summary of the concern.

Tag people whom you think can help you answer/resolve the question/concern.

Once it has been attended to, reply resolved in the thread, then ensure to circle back to the client to answer their question.


Step 6: Add comment to show task is completed in asana

Open the Asana task thread, Daily Facebook Engagement Task.

Report about the status of the check for that day.


I've completed this task for today. There are XXX new comments and XXX membership requests. I've also sent invites to those who liked our ads.


Daily Facebook Engagement Tasks - Extraction video by Angel and Maggie

Supporting Notes

Here are the links to the early documentation of this system: