Meeting With Outsourced Provider

This process is about having a meeting with an outsourced provider. This is important to ensure our partners are accountable, we’re getting value for money, and we’re getting results.

Overall this is about reviewing what’s been done, getting reports and making an action plan for what’s next.

Typically triggered by an associated Asana task and/or calendar meeting with outsource provider.

System Details


  1. Set up the task templates (once-off set up)
  2. Prepare for the meeting
  3. Facilitate the meeting
  4. Update the Asana task
  5. Create a task for the new meeting

The Steps

Step 1: Set up the templates and communication channels (once-off setup)

These action items are triggered when there is a new outsourced provider. This setup is done only once and can be duplicated for other outsourced partners.

Step 1.1: Arrange the meeting

Decide the cadence for the meeting and have the provider agree too. 

Set the meeting to your calendar and remember to make it recurring.

Add your Zoom meeting link, then invite stakeholders who should be in the meeting.

Step 1.2: Set up the main Asana task

In Asana, choose the department which will closely work with the outsource partner.

Click on "Add a task" to set up the Asana task for this recurring meeting.

Click on "Add a subtask" to create a subtask, and customise it to use it as a meeting template.

Step 1.3: Duplicate the meeting template then set it up

Right-click on the meeting template to duplicate it.

Rename it as the <Outsource Partner's Name> <Date>.

Add meeting details such as agenda, discussion or action items

Step 1.4: Create a folder in cloud storage 

Typically named "Consultant - <Consultant's Name>" and saved in the associated department hiring the contractor. Eg. Sales / Consultant - Patrick

Create a folder in the cloud where all call recordings will be stored. 

Ensure that this folder is accessible to the provider.

Establish a naming convention for video files/call recordings.

Save all working files and resources related to the project this this folder 

Step 1.5: Create a Slack Channel to communicate with provider

  1. Setup a slack channel (name it #<provider name> - SYSTEMology) and invite relevant parties to the slack channel. This is used to communicate with the provider.

Step 2: Prepare for the meeting

  1. Ten minutes before the meeting, review the agenda and add notes or action items for discussion to the Asana task.

Step 3: Facilitate the meeting

  1. Go through the agenda in Asana by:
  • having a general catch-up (2-5 mins)
  • review the action items from the last meeting
  • review the usual discussion items
  • talking about new discussion items from the Asana list
  • Identify new action items for that meeting, then note who is responsible for what and when it's due

2. Ask the outsourced provider to provide a meeting recap, then remind them to email the recap to everyone after the meeting.

3. Also, ensure to remind the provider about the next meeting and confirm that they are all set.

Step 4: After the meeting, update the Asana task

  1. After the meeting, ensure all notes and the link of the call recording are added in the description box.
  2. Copy the action items from that meeting. (This will be included to the next meeting's agenda.) 
  3. Remember to tick off each sub-task.
  4. Mark the task as done, then archive it by moving it into the archived section. 

Step 5: Create a task for the new meeting

  1. Duplicate the Asana template for the next meeting.
  2. Rename the template.
  3. Include the action items that you copied from the previous step into the agenda for this task.

Note: If the provider is working on multiple projects and each has its own action items that must be checked every meeting, set it in the template itself inside the description box or set it in a separate subtask so it won't get lost in the notes from earlier meetings.



That's it! You're all done. Give yourself a high five. 👏


How To Work With An Outsourced Provider with David Jenyns
Saving call recordings and notes from meetings

Supporting Notes

Pre-Extraction Form

Notes during extraction

Initial set up:

  • Decide cadence for meeting 
  • Add meeting to calendar
  • Add stakeholders
  • Set up the Asana template
  • Clone template in Asana 
  • Customise agenda to suit the provider
  • Create folder in cloud storage for call recordings
  • Set expectations with provider (department head)

Before and during the meeting:

  • Trigger: meeting popup
  • Review agenda beforehand
  • Add notes for discussion 
  • Go through agenda
  • Identify action items, who responsible and when it's due
  • Resource: scribe to take notes for action items and for next meeting

After the meeting:

  • Put notes and actions items within the task
  • Add the link to the call recording to the description
  • Use naming convention for video file
  • Clone the Asana meeting template for the next meeting, fill in the notes and assign the meeting owner
  • Archive the previous meeting
  • Outsource provider send email (if not, then follow up)

If... a more complex project

  • List projects they are working on within Asana